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Online Lay-By's

How many times have you put something on Lay-by in a store?

How many times have you been able to put something on lay-by from an ONLINE store? Never??? Well all that is about to change.

Baby Blue now accepts LAY-BY's through PayPal, cheque, money order or direct bank deposit. When you see something you want, simply download our Lay-By form, make your payment and post your form into us. Upon receipt of your completed form and cleared deposit (at least 10% of total price), we will issue you with a Lay-By number which you will use for each payment thereon. We will also issue you with a receipt for each and every payment either by email or snail mail. Once you lay-by has been finalised, we will post a final receipt and your item direct to you.

Please remember, each time you make a payment to put who you are OR your lay-by number so we know who's lay-by to allocate the payment to. As a general rule, we ask for your lay-by number since we sell internationally, there may just be others with the same name as you! Please Click Here to view ALL our different payment options and the way to make them!

DON'T FORGET - If you forget your lay by number, simply email us with as much detail about yourself as possible and we will either email or text it to you!

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